Wednesday, April 15, 2015

30 Ways to be More Environmentally Friendly!

Ways to be Environmentally Friendly

1.       Use both sides of the paper- you can set your printer default to print double-sided.
2.     Reuse gift bags and wrapping paper- you can also wrap gifts with old newspapers.
3.     Shower instead of bath- baths use much more water than a shower, you can also shower with your partner if you feel up to it.
Buy a Water Saving Shower Head
4.     Take shorter showers- if you are really wanting to save water, turn the water off when applying shampoo and conditioner.
5.     Buy second-hand items- clothing, toys, sporting equipment, and much more.
6.     Buy products made locally- when you buy from overseas or cross country, fuel is being wasted and emissions are let into the environment.
7.      Turn your computer off at the end of the day.
8.     Carpool- or find public transportation.
9.     Buy a hybrid vehicle- only if it’s time for a new vehicle or you can afford it.
There is a Large Selection of Hybrid Vehicles
10.  Use cloth napkins- after using, wash in cold water and hang dry.
11.    Start your own garden and grow your own food- the beginning may take time, but once things begin to grow, you can continuously harvest.
12.   Use a reusable water bottle- do not use plastic recyclable water bottles. Filter your tap water if need be.
13.   Plant trees- if you have open space in your yard, plant a few small trees. For any tree you cut down, plant one or two to replace it.
14.   Collect rain water- use to water your garden or lawn.
15.   Use natural sunlight instead of artificial lighting during the day.
Open the Windows & Enjoy the Sun
16.  Switch out your old appliances for energy-efficient ones.
17.   Use natural cleaners in your home- reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that you and the environment are exposed to.
18.   Switch to paperless billing, if you haven’t already.
19.  Pay bills electronically- almost all companies accept (and prefer) payments to be done electronically.
20.   Replace your light bulbs- use compact fluorescent light bulbs instead.
21.  Unplug appliances and electronics when they are not in use.
22. Place your refrigerator in a location without sunlight- this may not be possible for some, but it will help keep your refrigerator cool.
23. Reuse and re-purpose items- I’ll have a post dedicated strictly to re-purposing.
24. Use old T-shirts as cleaning rags- or make a rug or refashion your unwanted clothing.
25. Compost- take the remains of kitchen waste and plants and create a compost. Use it then to fertilize your garden.
26.  Stop littering!- this may seem obvious and a no-brainer, but some people have a habit of littering and they may not even be aware of when they do it.
Disgusting Garbage Ruing the Environment

27.  Turn down the temperature on your water heater- do you really need the water hot enough to burn your skin off?
28. Replace old and drafty windows- this may be expensive, so start with one window at a time. Every tiny bit helps.
29. Consider only buying the electronic version of a book- there may be some instances where you absolutely need the printed version, but I think this is a great idea.
30.  Shop and buy eco-friendly products- this can include beauty products and household items.

There are a billion more ways that you can help save the environment! If you have any awesome suggestions, please leave it in the comments. I’m always interested in new ideas. Stay Green!

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