Friday, April 03, 2015

Solo Shift Supports Motorcycle Safety Awareness

May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month because this is when a majority of bikes are on the roads again. 

1. Cars aren't aware that motorcycles are on the roads already 
2. Road conditions are usually still poor
3. Bikers are riding for the first time of the year

A friend of mine got into an accident recently. The bike is totaled, but luckily he is in fair condition. I will be continuously posting motorcycle accident related information this month and into May. It will shock you to see the large number of accidents this year already.

Solo Shift, a website dedicated to all things motorcycles and more, is launching an apparel campaign for National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. You can find many of our products here
Look Twice. The Life You Save Could Be Mine.
Men's Motorcycle Awareness T-shirt
We have also launched our own brand/logo apparel which can be found here.
Solo Shift Motorsports Hoodie
Solo Shift Logo Hoodie
We hope our fellow bikers/motorcyclists will help promote Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and help keep one another safe.

*Solo Shift*

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